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Is your home not quite what you thought it would be when you bought it? Has your family outgrown the house? Do you have an awesome idea for a great new party room, formal dining room, mancave, or enclosed back porch? Are you tired of walking out to a dirty, wet, or frozen car and wish you had a carport or garage to park it in? During our decades of experience at Noblesville Roofing, we have had heard all the great reasons to expand your home and add additions, and we would be glad to tackle your next home addition project with you. Let Noblesville Roofing be your guide as you plan your investment.

Adding Value

Home additions aren’t just a good idea because you’ll be gaining the extra space you desire. A properly built addition can add huge value to your property. Whether it is a spare bedroom, bathroom, expanding a kitchen, or adding a garage or finishing a basement, a home addition can often pay for itself through the increase in property value during appraisal. Investing into home additions in Noblesville, Indiana, a rapidly growing city, can pay great dividends. Let Noblesville Roofing, show you how you can get value back out of an addition with proper planning and budgeting.

Creative Additions

Michael Wright and Noblesville Roofing isn’t just a contractor you call to build a basic square frame beside your existing structure for an addition. When it comes to home additions in Noblesville, there is no one more experienced or with more successful and impressive outcomes in past projects. Our gallery of past additions speaks for itself. We help you plan your addition every step of the way, from concept to completion. We listen to your needs directly, and are very intuitive about your desired look and feel.  Adding a new addition that isn’t properly designed to integrate structurally and aesthetically into your home could actually be detrimental to your home’s appraisal and resale value. Don’t let a subpar contractor just give you extra space, let a home addition expert like Michael Wright's project team leads help you truly make it an integral part of your property. A quality home addition should look and feel as if it was meant to be there in the original blueprints. 

Plan Your Addition Project

Call Noblesville Roofing today to set up a consultation to discuss your ideas for your addition to your home. We can provide some great insight into how to develop a design that fits both your existing structure and budget, give you an idea on what to expect on price and time frame, and even help you with suggestions based on our experience that you may not have even considered. Our consultation is free, there is no obligation, and we would love the chance to prove to you that Michael Wright and Noblesville Roofing are the leaders in home additions in Noblesville, Indiana.

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